Welcome Message from the President

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Society of Genetic & Genomic Medicine, a forum for communications between the experts related to human genetics. 

Human genetics covers a variety of disciplines such as biology, medicine, chemistry, physics, engineering, and computer science. Through these interdisciplinary characteristics and multi-faceted application processes, the diversity of participating institutions is greatly encouraged. Recently, human genetics occupies an important position in national R&D policies due to socio-economic influence as well as scientific relevance. However, there are disparities between countries and regions in the research area because of a lack of accessibility to the latest technological advances from different fields. Therefore, the Interdisciplinary Society of Genetic & Genomic Medicine is dedicated to providing a space for experts in various related fields regarding human genetics to exchange ideas and learn new technologies, advancing public R&D capabilities and cultivating human genetics experts. Also, we will maximize synergy effects through multidisciplinary convergence so that researchers can actively acquire and apply the rapidly changing technologies. We ask for your continued interest, dedication, and sincere advice for the development of the Interdisciplinary Society of Genetic & Genomic Medicine.

Chong Kun Cheon
Pusan National University

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